Ethical Living

  • How to be a good forager

    Kate Blincoe
    | 3rd August 2018
    Gathering food from the wild is good for your mind and your taste buds, writes KATE BLINCOE, but always make sure you know what you're picking and you leave enough for other creatures

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  • Vegan beetroot burge

    How what we eat can help the planet

    Dominika Piasecka
    | 1st August 2018
    Time is running out. More organisations are calling for a decrease in global meat and dairy production and consumption. DOMINIKA PIASECKA, from the Vegan Society, examines how a sustainable vegan diet can contribute to positive change

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  • Why the bee is the best beekeeper

    Miriam Darlington
    | 25th July 2018
    Woodcarver Matt Somerville believes harvesting honey should be more natural so he has devised a new kind of hive aimed at benefitting the health and sustainability of bee colonies. MIRIAM DARLINGTON met him.

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  • The real problem with palm oil

    Tim Hunt
    Mackenzie Denyer
    | 18th July 2018
    MACKENZIE DENYER and TIM HUNT, from Ethical Consumer magazine, explore the complex issues with palm oil, why deforestation rates are still climbing and why big brand manufacturers have the power to stop it

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  • Museum of the Moon installation

    Forests, creativity - and free festival tickets!

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 15th June 2018
    Forests play a vital role locally and globally, and a new festival taking place this summer in the UK will creatively explore this by bringing together forests, arts, ideas and music. The Ecologist will be there, and ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT explains how you could win a family weekend ticket to be there too!

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  • Fat Lama website, cropped

    The future of ownership: reduce, reuse… rent out?

    Sasha Dovzhyk
    | 26th March 2018
    The environment has provided a sink for our discarded commodities for generations - but today landfill and ocean plastics show this way of living is at crisis point. So can't we just borrow stuff we only need occasionally. Fat Lama is at the cutting edge - or bleeding edge - of the new sharing economy. SASHA DOVZHYK investigates

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  • Setting the record straight: is streaming greener than vinyl?

    Steve Watson
    Duncan Oswald
    | 16th March 2018
    STEVE WATSON is committed to his vinyl - and excited by the resurgence among record collectors. DUNCAN OSWALD worries about the impact of producing yet more PVC records - arguing that streaming must surely be more green. To settle the debate the two environmental consultants developed a life cycle assessment comparing the resource impacts of the two audio technologies...

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