• Tree in a field in Devon

    Our vanishingly pleasant land

    Michael McCarthy
    | 20th July 2018
    MICHAEL MCCARTHY applauds a deeply felt and incisive analysis of the threat to our wildlife and countryside in his review of Our Place: Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late? by Mark Cocker

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  • The Islands and the Whales - a deeply enchanting film

    Brendan Montague
    | 28th March 2018
    The huldufolk have disappeared from the Faroe Islands, and with them an ancient understanding of nature. They vanished when in the 1950s when the roads and the lights appeared. Now, the local community are coming to terms with further extinctions - and a threat to their own lives from coal pollution. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reviews The Islands and the Whales, out tomorrow.

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  • Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

    'Species other than ours are far more like ours than most of us believe'

    Curtis Abraham
    | 23rd March 2018
    Elizabeth Marshall Thomas published The Hidden Life of Dogs in 2000 and enjoyed more than a year on the New York Times bestseller list. Now she is publishing the Hidden Life of Life: a Walk through the Reaches of Time. Here she takes on the scientific assumption that animals do not have consciousness and memory. CURTIS ABRAHAM interviewed her for The Ecologist

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  • Elinor Ostrom

    What Elinor Ostrom can teach us about ecology, common ownership and community

    Aaron Vansintjan
    | 9th March 2018
    Elinor Ostrom provides invaluable insights into economics and ownership - and the profound impact this has on our natural environment. Unfortunately, her work is not well known or widely understood. Derek Wall hopes to change that with his book, Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals. AARON VANSINTJAN met the author and asked why we should read her works today

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  • Man taking Al Gore's photograph

    Why Al Gore fears Donald Trump - but remains optimistic for America

    Brendan Montague
    | 11th December 2017
    Film directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk spent months with Al Gore observing his climate advocacy behind the scenes and at close hand. BRENDAN MONTAGUE asks about Gore, Trump, the impact of watching the melting glaciers and meeting many of the millions of activists worldwide determined to make a difference.

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  • Watership Down, by Richard Adams, had a profound impact on a generation of children after it was published in 1972. A remake of the film is now in production.

    Land Lines: capturing our relationship with the natural world

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 15th November 2017
    Our bond with the natural world is ever changing. To look at how books capture this shifting relationship, new research project ‘Land Lines’ is looking for the nation’s favourite nature book. And The Ecologist will be launching a new series of book reviews to celebrate and learn from nature writing, writes ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT. Interested? -- You can get involved in both.

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  • Wendell Berry - poet, essayist, farmer, activist, rural philosopher

    Harriet Griffey
    Cultural Editor
    | 10th July 2017
    How do you define a man who has been at the forefront of the environmental movement of America for over 50 years - poet, essayist, environmentalist, farmer, activist, philosopher? Wendell Berry is all these and now his life's work sits at the heart, writes HARRIET GRIFFEY, of Look and See - a newly-released film about his life and philosophy

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