• Vegan beetroot burge

    How what we eat can help the planet

    Dominika Piasecka
    | 1st August 2018
    Time is running out. More organisations are calling for a decrease in global meat and dairy production and consumption. DOMINIKA PIASECKA, from the Vegan Society, examines how a sustainable vegan diet can contribute to positive change

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  • Bee on blossom

    Campaigners rejoice European Union neonicotinoid ban

    Catherine Early
    | 30th April 2018
    Bee-killing insecticides will face a near total ban in Europe following a vote by member states in favour of proposals by the European Commission. The UK government supported the ban, which it says it will maintain after Brexit. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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  • Biofuels and biofools

    Molly Scott Cato MEP
    | 2nd October 2017
    European politicians are enthralled to the biofuels lobby - they are living a fantasy and it’s time to wake up to the reality of an industry driving deforestation, land grabbing and poverty, says MOLLY SCOTT CATO MEP

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  • Climate change drives Indian farmer suicides says new study

    G.B.S.N.P Varma
    | 7th August 2017
    There is no more heartbreaking indicator of human hardship than suicide says the author of a new report that shows the devastating impact of Global Warming on struggling Indian farmers, thousands of whom have taken their own lives over the last 30 years. G.B.S.N.P VARMA reports

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  • Securing a Future With Water Along Peru's Rimac River Valley

    Forest Ray
    | 20th July 2017

    Along the Rimac River Valley of Peru, local farmers have taken the problem of water security into their own hands and embarked on a combined reforestation and water storage project, which not only provides safe water but has empowered the local community and, thanks to improving the mountainside soil stability, has reduced the risk of devastating landslides. FOREST RAY reports

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  • Wendell Berry - poet, essayist, farmer, activist, rural philosopher

    Harriet Griffey
    Cultural Editor
    | 10th July 2017
    How do you define a man who has been at the forefront of the environmental movement of America for over 50 years - poet, essayist, environmentalist, farmer, activist, philosopher? Wendell Berry is all these and now his life's work sits at the heart, writes HARRIET GRIFFEY, of Look and See - a newly-released film about his life and philosophy

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  • A People's Food Policy - grassroot food and farming groups call for a more just food system

    26th June 2017

    As the Brexit negotiations begin, a coalition of grassroots food and farming organisations today launch ‘A People's Food Policy' calling for England to develop a more progressive food policy in advance of leaving the EU. Scotland is already in the process of adopting national food policies and is currently developing a ‘Good Food Nation Bill', while England has yet to make any progress

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  • How planting bioenergy crops could help stop Britain's brown hare from becoming extinct

    Laura Briggs
    | 6th June 2017

    If you live or spend time in the UK countryside it may have been some time since you spotted the native brown hare - if you've ever seen one at all. That's because the hare relies on an increasingly disappearing biodiverse landscape for its food. LAURA BRIGGS talks to the scientists behind a new study investigating what type of planting - including bioenergy crops - will help stop hare populations from continuing to decline

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  • Trump's decision to leave the Paris Agreement is unconscionable

    The Conversation
    | 2nd June 2017
    President Donald Trump stunned the world yesterday (June 1, 2017) by announcing his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord - a landmark global agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the harm from climate change. The Conversation has assembled a panel of American academics and scientists to analyse what this dramatic move means for the planet, U.S. businesses and the world's poor...

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  • No more jaguars here: a worker picks up African palm fruit for processing into palm oil from a young tree in Minas, Colombia, April 25, 2016. Photo: Carlos Villalon / Solidarity Center via Flickr (CC BY).

    Palm oil engulfs Colombia's 'mountains of the jaguar'

    Paula Álvarez
    Forest Peoples Programme
    | 23rd May 2017
    Thousands of small farmers were forced from their lands and homes by paramilitaries in Colombia's Santa Maria mountains, writes Paula Álvarez. But now as a welcome peace allows their return from involuntary exile, they find a new enemy that has come to stay - huge plantations of oil palm that have obliterated the mixed, patchwork landscape of small fields, villages, and swathes of forest on steep-sided hills that they used to inhabit.

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  • Greenham Farm smallholders. Photo: Abbie Trayler Smith / ELC.

    Ecological agriculture: investing today in tomorrow's farms

    Phil Moore
    | 22nd May 2017
    Ecological farming has taken root in the UK, writes Phil Moore: drawing inspiration from the past while employing the latest ideas and techniques from organic, no-dig, permaculture, agroecology and agroforestry methods. But with agricultural fields selling for up to £10,000 an acre, there's a big difficultly for many would-be eco-farmers: access to land. Now, with public support, that's a problem the Ecological Land Cooperative is determined to solve.

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  • Jeremy Corbyn at a political rally in North London, 15th August 2016. Photo: Steve Eason via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA).

    Corbyn's green vision wins: leaked manifesto promises huge environmental gains

    Oliver Tickell
    | 11th May 2017
    A huge raft of environmental reforms is promised in the Labour Party's draft manifesto, writes Oliver Tickell. Among the highlights: a ban on fracking; a clean energy policy based on renewables and efficiency; no commitment to new nuclear power; to meet our Paris Agreement obligations on climate; to give companies a legal obligation to protect the environment; to retain all EU environment laws post-Brexit; and multilateral nuclear disarmament.

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  • Spot the difference: Monsanto's new 'Glyphosate-free' Roundup product, now on sale in Germany, and a bottle of vinegar. Photo: Dr Helmut Burtscher / GMWatch.

    Monsanto's new 'glyphosate-free' Roundup is vinegar!

    Claire Robinson
    | 8th May 2017
    Has Monsanto, dubbed the 'world's most evil corporation', turned a new leaf? It has taken the 'probably carcinogenic' glyphosate out of a new version of its market leading 'Roundup' herbicide, and replaced it with vinegar. The bad news is it's only available in Austria. That, and it may still contain toxic 'adjuvants' to increase its effectiveness.

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