Food and Farming

  • Woman farmer

    Planting interconnections between farming and environmentalism

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 14th June 2018
    We need to break down the perceived barrier between farming and the environment to restore the health of our soil and water - and of the human and non-human life they sustain. ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT, a contributing editor to The Ecologist, argues we also need to better understand the connections between them

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  • George Monbiot

    Environmentalists challenged to go vegan this World Environment Day

    George Monbiot
    Kerry McCarthy
    Dale Vince
    Jonathan Bartley
    | 5th June 2018
    The impact of the meat industry on the environment is well documented. While global solutions to this problem are necessary, there is a very real, immediate and visceral change people can make right now - on World Environment Day - to turn the tide. Go vegan. GEORGE MONBIOT et al write an open letter to the movement to support the Vegan Society's Plate Up for the Planet challenge

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  • Tiny cow

    The under-reported ecological disaster of meat

    Julian Vigo
    | 4th June 2018
    Meat production is the elephant in the room when it comes to addressing the major threats to environmental sustainability. Going vegan seems like biting off more than you can chew for many campaigning charities. But DR JULIAN VIGO argues that now we must take the bull by the horns...

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  • A huge beef farm

    Revealed: industrial-scale beef farming comes to the UK

    Andrew Wasley
    Heather Kroeker
    | 29th May 2018
    The Bureau of Investigative Journalism report published today reveals industrial scale beef farming is now a 'fact on the ground' across the UK. The new farms raise concerns about animal welfare and health. ANDREW WASLEY and HEATHER KROEKER from the Bureau report

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  • Pigs

    Special Investigation Part II: How the common agricultural policy promotes pollution

    Special Investigation
    | 24th May 2018
    Brexit will result in Britain exiting the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy. It will have to decide whether subsidies to farmers should be retained, or reformed. In the second part of this groundbreaking investigation a team of investigative journalists from across Europe - publishing with THE ECOLOGIST - assess how effective the environmental mechanisms of CAP really are.

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  • A quiet revolution in how farmers see their products

    Peter Melchett
    | 15th May 2018
    The government’s consultation on future farming policy in England ended last week. Many see it as a unique opportunity to make some positive changes - not least in the provision of information about differences in quality and production systems, says PETER MELCHETT of the Soil Association

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  • Bee on blossom

    Campaigners rejoice European Union neonicotinoid ban

    Catherine Early
    | 30th April 2018
    Bee-killing insecticides will face a near total ban in Europe following a vote by member states in favour of proposals by the European Commission. The UK government supported the ban, which it says it will maintain after Brexit. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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  • The Spanish meat scandal making waves in Britain is no isolated incident

    Javier Moreno
    | 20th February 2018
    Appalling conditions have been found at a farm supplying meat to a Spanish sausage brand stocked at Morrisons and high street butchers. JAVIER MORENO, the executive director of Animal Equality Spain, argues that this is not an isolated incident. He hopes the latest undercover investigation could be a turning point for animal welfare

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  • Michael Gove and his dog, Snowy

    If politicians have any sense they will make animal sentience part of UK law

    Helen Browning
    | 4th December 2017
    Britain is known as a nation of animal lovers. It is the birthplace of Watership Down, Peter Rabbit - and Animal Farm. But the meat, cosmetics and other animal dependent industries are also a large part of the British economy. Until now, EU regulations have improved animal welfare. As the country prepares for Brexit, HELEN BROWNING asks whether animal sentience will remain recognised by UK law.

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