• UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector

    Joseph Dutton
    | 27th July 2018
    The UK government’s decision this week to allow fracking undermines its commitments to tackle climate change and reduce fossil fuel use. It came just days before the government’s own data showed renewable electricity hit a record high last year. JOSEPH DUTTON reports

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  • Green light for fracking - reasons to be cheerful?

    Mark Robinson
    | 21st May 2018
    The brand new UK Energy policy launched late last week has explicitly resurrected fracking with planned financial and political support. Though shale gas is as controversial as it is corrosive, Greg Clark stated that its development is of ‘national importance’. MARK ROBINSON responds…

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  • Ineos plant

    Fracking INEOS challenges Scotland ban

    Mike Small
    | 8th May 2018
    The company INEOS is in court today to challenge the Scottish Government over its decision to ban fracking. But much more is at stake than the status of the UK’s newest fossil fuel industry. MIKE SMALL from DeSmog UK reports

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  • Cuadrilla 'takes risks' as fracking resistance rolls on

    Lydia Noon
    | 2nd August 2017
    What do Mr Blobby, Spiderman and Dumbledore have in common? And Bez from 80s rock band Happy Mondays, local residents, farmers, students and solidarity groups from around the UK? These characters assembled for a climate carnival in Lancashire, reports LYDIA NOON

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  • David Headley can light his spring on fire. David asked the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection to take a look. The DEP inspector told David it was probably a rotting log. The spring bubbles almost constantly, and has now for about two years since Marcel

    Whitehall's fracking science failure: shale gas really is worse for climate than coal

    Paul Mobbs
    | 24th May 2017
    The UK government claim that fracking is a 'clean' energy source rests on the conclusions of a single scientific paper, writes Paul Mobbs. And now that paper has been conclusively invalidated: it uses misleading figures that understate the methane emissions from fracking, and subsequent findings have left it totally discredited. Yet the paper is still being quoted to justify fracking, and the fool the public on its climate change impacts.

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  • No, that's not Theresa May leading this 'police against fracking' demo, it's veteran anti-fracking campaigner Tina Rothery. Photo: Rev'd Peter Doodes via Fracking Hell (UK) on Facebook

    Only Conservatives and UKIP back fracking in GE2017

    Mat Hope
    | 18th May 2017
    With the major party manifestos all published it's not just the Greens that oppose fracking, writes Mat Hope. It's also Labour and the Libdems. So who's left? The Tories of course, who are holding fast to the fracking faith, and even want to create a new special purpose regulator for the industry. Oh yes, and UKIP, which is also committed to abolishing the Climate Change Act.

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  • Everyday life at the Preston New Road fracking site. Photo: Mat Hope / DeSmog UK (CC BY).

    Battered but steadfast: dispatch from Lancashire, England's fracking frontline

    Mat Hope
    | 8th May 2017
    The months-old protest at Preston New Road, Lancashire, is no longer just about fracking, writes Mat Hope. This dispute is now about London versus the North. It is about the government failing 'the people' from which it has become detached. It is about people sensing hopelessness and helplessness and trying to find a means to resist. And it is about holding on, steadfast, in spite of it all, knowing this is the forgotten frontline of a far greater struggle.

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  • Judy Eckert holding water contaminated with arsenic drawn from her private well 450ft from a fracking rig in Pennsylvania, which she believes contaminated her water supply. Photo: Public Herald via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Fracking kills newborn babies - polluted water likely cause

    Oliver Tickell
    | 25th April 2017
    A new study in Pennsylvania, USA shows that fracking is strongly related to increased mortality in young babies. The effect is most pronounced in counties with many drinking water wells indicating that contamination by 'produced water' from fracking is a likely cause. Radioactive pollution with uranium, thorium and radium is a 'plausible explanation' for the excess deaths.

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  • Ecologist Special Report: A multinational fracking boom begins in Colombia

    Sebastian Ordoñez
    Daniel MacMilllen Voskoboynik
    | 7th April 2017
    Information from Colombia's National Hydrocarbons Agency shows that at least 43 new fracking concessions have been handed out to multinational companies including Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Drummond. These concessions affect over three hundred municipalities, in the departments of Cesar, Santander, Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Tolima. SEBASTIAN ORDOñEZ and DANIEL MACMILLEN VOSKOBOYNIK report.

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  • At the Orgreave Colliery in 1984, a mounted policeman takes a swing with his baton at Lesley Boulton of Women Sgainst Pit Closures. Photo of newspaper cutting by Diego Sideburns via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Fracking, Brexit and austerity: the coming fight for British freedom

    Paul Mobbs
    | 14th March 2017
    Post Brexit, get ready for a massive attack on our liberty, especially on the right to protest, writes Paul Mobbs. With the UK likely to secede from the European Convention on Human Rights, prepare for a new empowerment of police to act with impunity against peaceful activists. We must be ready to stand up, with honour and dignity, for our ancient British right to dissent.

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