• How industry first went to war with climate science

    Brendan Montague
    | 23rd August 2018
    Scientists had well understood for many decades that adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere could raise global temperatures and cause climate change. But when politicians finally took notice, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was formed, industry began a war with science itself. BRENDAN MONTAGUE investigates

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  • Drax power station in Yorskshire, England, was to host the UK's examplar of BECCS in its White Rose project, with a planned CCS add-on. In a rare moment of santity, the UK government has pulled the funding. Photo: Ian Britton via Flickr (CC BY-NC).

    COP21's climate technofix: spinning carbon into gold and the myth of 'negative emissions'

    Rachel Smolker
    | 3rd December 2015
    Paris has been awash with hype about 'CO2 recycling' and 'carbon neutral' or even 'carbon negative' technologies based on burning millions of trees, writes Rachel Smolker. But the alchemical notion that waste carbon can be spun into corporate gold is hitting serious reality checks. It's time to ditch the fantasies and progress the real solutions: like caring for land, soils, forests and grasslands.

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  • Frack off! Photo: Bill Baker via Flickr.com.

    IPCC's shale gas error

    Alex Kirby
    | 14th April 2014
    The latest IPCC report urges a dash for gas to allow us to reduce the burning of coal, including shale gas from fracking. But as Alex Kirby reports, their calculations appear to be based on an arithmetical flaw.

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  • The IPCC has spoken. Now what?

    Oliver Tickell
    | 2nd October 2013
    If we are to move beyond the political impasse generated by the IPCC report and prevent catastrophic climate change we must look to market mechanisms, specifically price competitive renewables, writes Oliver Tickell......

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    Why most of the major powers really want global warming

    David Lempert
    Hue Nhu Nguyen
    | 12th February 2009
    If you read the international press, it is easy to be convinced that the international ‘debate’ about global warming is about whether international organisations and country governments are able to ‘wake up’ to alarming news about the future of the planet.

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    IPCC Report: We are the problem

    2nd February 2007
    The IPCC, a UN based organisation made up of over 1200 climate experts from 40 countries and the most respected global authority on Climate Change science, has said the rise in global temperatures could be as high as 6.4°C by 2100. The report also predicts sea level rises and increases in the frequency of hurricanes.

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