Resurgence & Ecologist

  • Spending time alone in nature is good for your mental and emotional health

    Brad Daniel
    Andrew Bobilya
    Ken Kalisch
    | 2nd July 2018
    Many of us have forgotten how it feels to be truly alone, with jobs, families and now the endless stream of digital information all vying for our attention. But taking time out with just nature for company can provide a myriad of physical, emotional and mental benefits, write BRAD DANIEL, ANDREW BOBILYA and KEN KALISCH

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  • Rewilding initiative launched in Finland to address climate change

    Catherine Harte
    | 28th June 2018
    Floods in continental Europe and a record-dry May in Finland’s forests are just two of many examples of climate change in action, says Rewilding Europe. But a new project to harness the carbon sequestration potential of boreal Finland hopes to bring about positive change at a time of intense climate crisis. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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  • Hawaii bans use of harmful pesticide

    Christopher Pala
    | 18th June 2018
    The government of Hawaii - once a defender of the GM corn industry - has passed a law that forces agro-chemical companies to disclose what pesticides they spray. It has also become the first US state to ban the chlorpyrifos, which has been linked to brain damage in babies. Christopher Pala reports

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