• Rewilding initiative launched in Finland to address climate change

    Catherine Harte
    | 28th June 2018
    Floods in continental Europe and a record-dry May in Finland’s forests are just two of many examples of climate change in action, says Rewilding Europe. But a new project to harness the carbon sequestration potential of boreal Finland hopes to bring about positive change at a time of intense climate crisis. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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  • Durdle Door, The Jurassic Coast, Dorset

    Areas of outstanding local possibility

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 7th March 2018
    The United Kingdom's 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) cover almost one fifth of the country. ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT explores why they're so much more than just pretty places to visit

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  • Introduction to Rewilding

    Kara Moses
    | 14th July 2017
    Everyone is talking about rewilding at the moment. The debate around it is shaking up the conservation sector and public interest in it is huge, with a growing movement of people advocating the restoration of our degraded ecosystems. But what does it really mean to rewild? And how would you go about doing it if you actually have some land?

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  • Rewilding Spirituality

    Kara Moses
    | 21st February 2017

    Efforts to address the planetary crisis must include a contemporary spiritual ecology to cultivate the deep humility and fierce resolve required to live sustainably and create a new story about the place of humanity in a post-capitalist world, writes KARA MOSES

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  • Scottish beaver seen in 2008. Photo: Paul Stevenson via Flickr (CC BY).

    Scotland's wild beavers win legal protection

    Oliver Tickell
    | 24th November 2016
    The Scottish government has announced that its wild beaver populations will be given the full protection of both UK and EU law. The decision has been welcomed by campaigners who point out all the benefits of beavers to biodiversity, water management and flood control. Now, they say, England and Wales should follow suit.

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  • Reduce flood-risk through rewilding, says new report from Rewilding Britain

    Rewilding Britain
    | 21st September 2016
    A new report from Rewilding Britain highlights the positive impact which rewilding the UK's landscapes can have upon flood risk. The report comes as MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee consult on better ways to manage the UK's environment post-Brexit, with many calling for an approach which places nature centre stage.

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