• Woman farmer

    Planting interconnections between farming and environmentalism

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 14th June 2018
    We need to break down the perceived barrier between farming and the environment to restore the health of our soil and water - and of the human and non-human life they sustain. ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT, a contributing editor to The Ecologist, argues we also need to better understand the connections between them

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  • Cases of environmental conflicts covered as displayed using the EJATLAs filter tool (see

    Environmental conflicts can turn into solutions

    Leah Temper
    Federico Demaria
    Arnim Scheidel
    Daniela Del Bene
    Joan Martinez Alier
    | 15th May 2018
    A team of researchers is tracking and trying to understand what they call the most influential movement of our time: environmentalism. They give the state of play on a global conflict that is playing out at the local level in a special feature called The EJAtlas: Ecological Distribution Conflicts as Forces for Sustainability. By LEAH TEMPER, FEDERICO DEMARIA, ARNIM SCHEIDEL, DANIELA DEL BENE and JOAN MARTINEZ-ALIER

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  • Limits to Growth

    For an anti-colonial, anti-racist environmentalism

    Robert Biel
    | 14th May 2018
    General Systems Theory can be a useful tool for understanding nature, and how society can exist in harmony of nature. The seminal book Limits to Growth used a systemic analysis - but was itself limited. Dr ROBERT BIEL examines how the systemic view can shed light on the colonial history of the North / West and the role it plays in the world's extractive present

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  • Fritjof Capra

    'The way to sustain life is to build and nurture community'

    Fritjof Capra
    | 30th April 2018
    'Ecoliteracy' is urgent and necessary if we are going to build resilient and sustainable human communities that work with the patterns, structures and limitations of the natural environment. FRITJOF CAPRA, a physicist, argues that systems thinking is a crucial component of this new understanding

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  • Healthy Not Hungry - The Ethical Foodie meets the WFP

    Tim Maddams
    | 6th August 2017
    When our Ethical Foodie food columnist was invited to help create a sustainable Fine Dining menu showcasing the values of the UN's World Food Program he jumped at the chance - and left feeling inspired not just by the food choices on the night but by the fact the whole event reinforced his conviction we can all do better, eat better and work together to help alleviate hunger across the world

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  • A People's Food Policy - grassroot food and farming groups call for a more just food system

    26th June 2017

    As the Brexit negotiations begin, a coalition of grassroots food and farming organisations today launch ‘A People's Food Policy' calling for England to develop a more progressive food policy in advance of leaving the EU. Scotland is already in the process of adopting national food policies and is currently developing a ‘Good Food Nation Bill', while England has yet to make any progress

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  • Ecologist Special Report: Community Farm takes local council to High Court this Solstice

    Matthew Newsome
    | 21st June 2017
    A local food-production scheme, dedicated to conservation and sustainability in East Sussex, has been crowdfunding to finance the legal battle that will see it in the High Court today. The Crossing - a micro-farm providing affordable and pesticide free food for the surrounding Forest Row community - is taking its local council to the High Court to challenge a decision to turn down its application for planning permission and, say the petitioners, to fight for the rights of small food growers. MATTHEW NEWSOME reports

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  • The future of cities? Image: Paul Jones / Northumbria, Author provided.

    How to embrace urban living, but avoid an apocalypse: Organicities are the future

    Paul Jones
    Northumbria University
    | 31st May 2017
    By shifting from globalisation to localisation, and creating smaller, self-sufficient communities within sustainable developments, cities could regain their equilibrium, writes Paul Jones. From where we stand today, the Organicity may sound like a Utopian dream. But if we're to avoid an urban apocalypse, we're going to need strong alternative visions, to change the way we imagine and plan for the cities of the future. Too good to be true? Or the way to human survival?

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  • The Ethical Foodie: I'm in huff - big time

    Tim Maddams
    | 7th April 2017
    Ethical foodie columnist TIM MADDAMS points the finger at fishing practices which may tick the sustainable criteria boxes but which perpetuate an environmentally damaging broken food production system when you take into account the bigger picture

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