Systems theory

  • Fritjof Capra

    'The way to sustain life is to build and nurture community'

    Fritjof Capra
    | 30th April 2018
    'Ecoliteracy' is urgent and necessary if we are going to build resilient and sustainable human communities that work with the patterns, structures and limitations of the natural environment. FRITJOF CAPRA, a physicist, argues that systems thinking is a crucial component of this new understanding

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  • What is wrong with a system of laissez-faire economics?

    Robert Biel
    | 11th April 2018
    Adam Smith, the author of The Wealth of Nations, is sometimes credited as the first political economist and many of his followers today advocate free market, laissez-faire, policy. Here Dr ROBERT BIEL argues that Smith was also an early systems theorist - but also sets out why Smith's theory and the system he described are a threat to our ecology

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  • How systems theory can help us reflect on the world

    Robert Biel
    | 6th March 2018
    The Ecologist was an early adopter of systems theory after its launch in 1971. The way of thinking has come to influence a range of disciplines, from ecology to change management. In the first in a series of articles on systems theory, Dr ROBERT BIEL argues that its application can be effective in healing the rift between society and nature

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