Animal Rights

  • Michael Gove and his dog, Snowy

    If politicians have any sense they will make animal sentience part of UK law

    Helen Browning
    | 4th December 2017
    Britain is known as a nation of animal lovers. It is the birthplace of Watership Down, Peter Rabbit - and Animal Farm. But the meat, cosmetics and other animal dependent industries are also a large part of the British economy. Until now, EU regulations have improved animal welfare. As the country prepares for Brexit, HELEN BROWNING asks whether animal sentience will remain recognised by UK law.

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  • Archive_172.jpg

    Animal Testing: Science or Fiction?

    Kathy Archibald
    | 24th March 2009
    MPs, medical professionals and scientists unite in demanding a thorough evaluation of the utility of vivisection. By Kathy Archibald, Science Director of Europeans for Medical Progress

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  • Juniper_MAIN.jpg

    CASE STUDY: from campaign group to Westminster

    Dixe Wills
    | 20th March 2009
    From chasing endangered parrots to hunting for the environmental holy grail with Friends of the Earth, one of Britain's pre-eminent eco campaigners wants to take his quest for a better, greener world to the halls of Westminster.
    Dixe Wills meets a man on a mission

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  • Archive_176.jpg

    EU wild-parrot scandal

    Tony Juniper
    | 3rd January 2009
    A decade and a half after conservationists wrung from the European Parliament a commitment to end the trade, the EU remains the largest importer of parrots in the world.

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  • mouselg.jpg

    South China’s taste for wildlife

    Walter Parham
    | 2nd August 2008
    Consuming endangered wildlife is illegal in China, but it continues on a large scale in the country’s south. Walter Parham reports on a habit that locals just cannot kick – even after the SARS crisis.

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  • Investigations

    Bad news, bears

    Nick Kettles
    | 1st March 2008
    From Catalonia in the South, through the Ariège and Béarn, to the Basque country in the North, both locals and tourists are used to seeing Nationalist slogans daubed in white paint on Pyrenean mountain roads. But now a new clarion call is vying for their attention: Non Ours (no bears) and Mort aux Ours (death to the bears.)

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  • Interview_37.jpg

    Isle of Mull Weavers

    Matilda Lee
    | 1st January 2008
    ‘I’ve been to a fair number this – this is a fantastic place to be based,’ says the Soil Association’s Lee Holdstock, fresh from a trip to the remote south west corner of the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides.

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  • News web pic 2_131.jpg

    EU Limits Tuna Fishing

    1st March 2007
    The preservation of dwindling tuna fish stocks is set to receive a boost as the EU prepares to introduce cuts in the allowed size of catches, web-based environmental news service ENN reports.

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  • News web pic 2_97.jpg

    EDGing forward

    Mark Anslow
    | 10th January 2007
    The Zoological Society of London has today launched a new programme to draw attention to the bizarre, unusual and endangered.

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