• How planting bioenergy crops could help stop Britain's brown hare from becoming extinct

    Laura Briggs
    | 6th June 2017

    If you live or spend time in the UK countryside it may have been some time since you spotted the native brown hare - if you've ever seen one at all. That's because the hare relies on an increasingly disappearing biodiverse landscape for its food. LAURA BRIGGS talks to the scientists behind a new study investigating what type of planting - including bioenergy crops - will help stop hare populations from continuing to decline

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  • The four eastern cooling towers at the Drax biomass and coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire. Photo: Jonathan Brennan via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

    No Drax! There's nothing 'sustainable' about big biomass

    Frances Howe
    | 10th April 2017
    The Drax power station in Yorkshire is the UK's biggest CO2 emitter, burns more wood each year than the entire UK timber harvest, and is a major importer of coal from strife-stricken regions of Colombia, writes Frances Howe. This Thursday campaigners will target the company's AGM to highlight its impacts on forests, biodiversity, climate and communities, in the face of Drax's PR offensive to make biomass appear 'sustainable'.

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  • SBP certification scheme: debunking the myths

    Carsten Huljus
    SBP Chief Executive Officer
    | 7th September 2016
    In a second response to a recent article published in the Ecologist, "Are the UK 'biomass sustainability standards' legitimising forest destruction?", SBP Chief Executive Officer Carstem Huljus debunks the myths in a right of reply

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  • Drax power station in Yorskshire, England, was to host the UK's examplar of BECCS in its White Rose project, with a planned CCS add-on. In a rare moment of santity, the UK government has pulled the funding. Photo: Ian Britton via Flickr (CC BY-NC).

    COP21's climate technofix: spinning carbon into gold and the myth of 'negative emissions'

    Rachel Smolker
    | 3rd December 2015
    Paris has been awash with hype about 'CO2 recycling' and 'carbon neutral' or even 'carbon negative' technologies based on burning millions of trees, writes Rachel Smolker. But the alchemical notion that waste carbon can be spun into corporate gold is hitting serious reality checks. It's time to ditch the fantasies and progress the real solutions: like caring for land, soils, forests and grasslands.

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  • What doesn't he like about renewables? Photo of George Osborne by altogetherfool via Flickr (CC BY-SA).

    Osborne's £3.9bn stealth attack on renewables

    Oliver Tickell
    | 9th July 2015
    The UK government kicked away one of the main financial supports for renewable energy in yesterday's budget. The surprise move will cost the sector £3.9 billion over the next five years and undermines any prospect of the country meeting its EU renewable energy targets.

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  • Fenced in by eucalyptus

    Biomass: The Chain of Destruction

    Almuth Ernsting
    | 9th November 2013
    Biomass electricity in the UK = clear-cutting of ancient swamp forests + bulldozing of traditional communities' lands + deprived UK communities bearing the brunt of toxic emissions.

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  • Power On - Energy from Waste

    Jon Hughes
    Mark Anslow
    | 1st November 2007
    Each year, UK livestock produce some 60 million tonnes of collectable faeces. If left to run into water-courses or even spread on fields, this waste can lead to the same problems associated with excessive fertiliser use – algal blooms and aquatic life starved of oxygen.

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