Carbon Dioxide

  • Eiffel tower

    Why fighting climate change can give us reasons to be cheerful

    Louise Gray
    | 5th April 2018
    Climate change brings with it existential concern. But the actions we take to prevent runaway climate change can have extraordinary benefits for our economy, our health, our wellbeing and our relationship with the natural environment. It is these positive messages that can persuade people to act now, argues LOUISE GRAY

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  • The Other CO2 Problem

    The Other CO2 Problem

    Kate Herbert
    | 1st September 2009
    Students at Ridgeway School in Plymouth show concern for ‘the other CO2 problem’ in an award-winning animated film about ocean acidification

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  • ClimateCampCity_MAIN.jpg

    Climate Camp comes to The City

    Peter McDonnell
    | 16th March 2009
    'If you liked sub-prime, you'll love carbon trading!' Join the Camp for Climate Action on the 1st of April as they set up in the Square Mile to greet global leaders and remind them that climate change must remain on the agenda

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  • Power_On_MAIN.jpg

    The future of energy is renewable

    Jon Hughes
    Mark Anslow
    | 27th February 2009
    The recent U-turn by of some of the UK's leading environmentalists - and one-time nuclear energy opponents - on the issue of nuclear energy, has caused vigourous debate in the media. Their reasoning is that we simply don't have the capacity to produce enough renewable energy to meet our needs. But as this comprehensive Ecologist report from 2007 shows the UK is really a renewable energy powerhouse.

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  • Carbon_approach_MAIN.jpg

    Setting up a group to cut carbon together

    Jamie Andrews
    | 13th January 2009
    Oxfam ran a competition for low-carbon lifestyles in 2008 – and all three winners were part of the same DIY carbon rationing movement. Jamie Andrews finds out what’s behind the success of CRAGs, and asks why we all haven’t signed up to join the revolution

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  • Comment_MAINjpg.jpg

    Accidental heroes?

    Joss Garman
    | 13th January 2009
    The Government's green light for Heathrow's third runway makes no economic - let alone environmental - sense, says Joss Garman

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