• by René Garza is founded on the concept that resource sustainability is the responsibility of every individual - being conscious of both our actions and their impact.

    Has fashion gone green - or is it still a wolf in sheep's clothing?

    Wendyrosie Scott
    | 15th November 2017
    The annual British Fashion Awards are due to take place on 4 December this year at the Royal Albert Hall. The British Fashion Council, Vivienne Westwood and London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched SWITCH to encourage the British fashion industry to go green. But has it had any effect? WENDYROSIE SCOTT investigates.

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  • Exposing babarism in the name of ‘Fashion'

    Laura Briggs
    | 4th August 2017
    In 2016 the UK imported £26 million worth of fur, showing that the industry has gone global. Only by exposing the level of cruelty and showing people what lies behind the fashion will change ever come about writes LAURA BRIGGS

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  • Photo: Roderick Eime via Flickr (CC BY).

    Hugh's 'War on Waste' is great - but we need to grasp the bigger picture

    Sam Earle
    | 3rd August 2016
    Last week's 'War on Waste' - throwaway coffee cups were the deserving target - was an exemplar of effective single-issue campaigning by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. But the answers to our waste problems go way beyond recycling. We must begin to plan a societal transition to a post-consumer culture of caring, sharing, and knowing when we have enough.

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  • Be the one that got away ... and others may follow. Photo: Rodrigo Benavides via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

    The 'non-compliant challenge' - mindful disengagement from modern evils

    Julian Rose
    | 11th April 2016
    How to dissent peacefully from the corruption, waste and destruction of the world? By a mindful disengagement from evil, writes Julian Rose: from fossil fuel energy to propagandist media, from sweatshop clothing to the predatory financial system. Some of the steps we can take are easy, others very difficult - but what ultimately matters is the direction of travel.

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  • Prophetik by Jeff Garner on display at Eco Fashion Week 2012 in Vancouver, April 2012. Photo: Jason Hargrove via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Sustainable fashion is slow fashion - because fast comes at a price

    Ruth Styles
    | 8th June 2015
    The mainstream fashion industry is trapped in a competitive spiral of ever shorter and faster sales and production cycles, writes Ruth Styles - and that inevitably stresses both textile workers and natural resources. But there is another way: the way of 'slow fashion' in which clothes are timeless, beautiful and made to last.

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  • Fashion can be forest friendly. Image: Canopy Style.

    Forest-friendly fashion

    Nicole Rycroft
    | 3rd December 2013
    Could your fashion style be destroying forests and driving orang-utans towards extinction? Nicole Rycroft shows how cellulose fibres used in textiles are a major cause of biodiversity loss worldwide. But your choices can make all the difference ...

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