• Investing in companies producing greener, fair trade products could earn good returns and have less negative impact on the environment.

    Should greening your money be high on your to-do list?

    Becky O’Connor
    | 18th September 2017
    Investment is one way to ensure your impact on the environment is as positive as possible - and may even change the attitudes and behaviours of the industries where green investment takes hold. All investments involve risk and you can lose your money. But some claim to have less impact on the environment, says BECKY O'CONNOR

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  • 'The Batwa might be next door to the national park, but they are a world away when security of their ancestral land is so fundamental to their way of life.' (C) Lush

    Displaced in the DRC: Finding a home for the Batwa

    Katie Dancey-Downs
    | 13th September 2017
    Displaced from their ancestral land, the Batwa people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have faced years of instability. A new eco-village offers hope to the community, but fulfilling basic needs while still respecting cultural identities is a delicate balance. KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS reports

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  • The 'Green Creates' exhibition invites Green 'artist' voices to shout about their concerns

    Gary Cook
    Arts Editor
    | 8th October 2016
    The Green Party's new 'Green Creates' exhibition runs from 19 to 24 October at Hoxton Arches, London showcasing the work of the likes of Ralph Steadman, Grayson Perry, Gavin Turk, Andy Goldsworthy, Lesley Hilling and Craig Jones. Their donated pieces on the theme of 'Green Voices' will be auctioned to raise funds for the party. GARY COOK takes a preview

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  • Grace Lee

    Why Aren’t My Fellow Americans Doing More Recycling?

    Grace Lee
    | 27th July 2012
    Grace Lee has just spent a month in Seoul, South Korea working as an intern for the Resource Recirculation Management Division under the Climate Change and Environment Bureau of Seoul City Hall. Here’s what she has to say to her fellow US citizens about their domestic waste…

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  • The Weeder's Digest: Identifying and enjoying edible weeds

    The Weeder’s Digest

    Andy McKee
    | 17th July 2012
    Ever had trouble spotting your hogweed from your hemlock, or your coltsfoot from your charlock? It's a problem Andy McKee will never face again, thanks to Gail Harland's comprehensive new guide on edible weeds

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  • Acacia tree in the desert

    The Great Green Wall

    Bobby Bascomb
    | 12th July 2012
    Africa’s answer to climate change is a proposed 4,000-mile long, nine mile wide wall of trees stretching from Senegal to Djibouti. Designed to stop encroaching desertification, some interpret the project (and its benefits) literally whilst others see it as more of a metaphor. Despite this split, the project is now taking root in Senegal where they have already planted 50,000 acres of trees.

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  • Alde Garden

    Review: Alde Garden

    Rachael Stubbins
    | 26th April 2012
    From the DIY ‘treebog’ to the solar powered fairy lights, bell tents and yurts, Suffolk’s Alde Garden is the perfect place for an eco-friendly weekend break. Rachael Stubbins paid a visit

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