renewable energy

  • UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector

    Joseph Dutton
    | 27th July 2018
    The UK government’s decision this week to allow fracking undermines its commitments to tackle climate change and reduce fossil fuel use. It came just days before the government’s own data showed renewable electricity hit a record high last year. JOSEPH DUTTON reports

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  • A field of solar panels under a blue sky

    Are biodiversity and solar natural partners?

    Ross Grier
    | 23rd July 2018
    New research shows that solar farms can significantly improve local biodiversity, with benefits to wildlife and potentially even surrounding crops. NextEnergy Capital is supporting innovative solar developments that enhance biodiversity in the local area and engage the community, writes ROSS GRIER

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  • Male, Maldives, October 2010: President Nasheed installs solar panels on the Presidential Residence in 2010 - 18 months before the coup which brought his term of office to an end.

    Only connect - a renewable energy future for small island states

    Zaheer Allam
    | 5th September 2014
    The future of small island states has to be renewable, says Zaheer Allam. But that's only the first of many choices. It's just as important to develop energy networks that are diverse, resilient, adaptive and flexible - and avoid the centralised, unimodal models that investors and bureaucrats prefer to impose, often at huge long term cost.

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  • Westmill Solar Park, Oxfordshire, is the world's largest community owned solar installation. Rated at 5MW, it covers 30 acres. Photo: Richard Peat via Flickr.

    Green energy co-ops blocked by UK financial regulator

    Adam Vaughan
    Guardian Environment
    | 15th August 2014
    The FCA is accused of undermining official policy by refusing new applications for community energy projects with a co-operative structure, writes Adam Vaughan. The key question: what is a bona fide co-op? Is investment alone a valid form of participation?

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  • Former EPA Administrator Michael Leavitt speaks at an ALEC event sponsored by ExxonMobil, among other dirty energy interests and Fortune 500 companies. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

    ALEC - civil society fights back

    Ben Whitford
    | 28th December 2013
    Few groups have done more to further the US conservative agenda - and harm progressive causes - than the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. But as Ben Whitford reports, civil society is fighting back.

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