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  • Tourism and the torture of our sublime elephants

    Bella Lack
    | 20th August 2018
    Elephants are sublime creatures. But in Thailand they are forced to undergo Phajaan, the breaking of the spirit of the elephant - so that they will submit to the wishes of tourists. BELLA LACK, an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, is exposing this cruel practice

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  • Elizabeth Wainwright and friends

    Evolution at The Ecologist: how you can become our story 

    Elizabeth Wainwright
    | 5th June 2018
    The Ecologist has been at the forefront of environmental news and discussion for almost five decades. Here, ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT, a contributing editor, shares why and how we’re embracing new ways of being and working, and explains how you can get your ideas and work shared globally by becoming a volunteer contributor

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