wind power

  • Wind turbines in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: CGP Grey via Flickr (CC BY).

    Denmark reaching its goal to be fossil fuel free through renewable energy

    Laurie Guevara-Stone
    | 5th March 2016
    The small country of Denmark is making a big commitment to renewables, aiming to be fossil-fuel free by 2050, writes Laurie Guevara-Stone. A large expansion of mainly offshore wind power features large, along with moves to a 'smart grid', high vehicle taxes and energy conservation initiatives. Denmark is well on its way to becoming the energy leader of the EU.

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  • Aerial picture of Horns offshore wind farm in Denmark. Photo: Vattenfall via

    Offshore wind could calm hurricanes

    Tim Radford
    | 11th March 2014
    US scientists say that very large wind farms could not only withstand a hurricane: they would also weaken it and so protect coastal communities. As Tim Radford reports, wind farms could just have saved New Orleans ...

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  • Wind turbines near Tow Law, County Durham, UK. Photo: Jonathan Pearson / pearsongraphics via

    Wind turbines - going strong 20 years on

    Chris Goodall
    | 3rd January 2014
    Anti-wind campaigners claim that wind turbine performance more than halves after 15 years. Chris Goodall analyses the figures and finds that even 20-year old wind turbines in the UK are still going strong ...

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  • News web pic 2_99.jpg

    US wind power generation grows 45% in 2007

    23rd January 2008
    The American Wind Energy Association has announced that 2007 US wind power generation made up 30 per cent of all new power generation in 2007 with 5,244 megawatts of new wind turbines installed in 2007 can power about 1.5 million U.S. homes.

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