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    Tinker's Bubble: low-impact living

    Shannon Carr-Shand
    | 30th January 2009
    In 1993 a group of 10 friends, including former Ecologist editor Simon Fairlie, shared a vision of a place where people could live and work in harmony with the land. What resulted became Tinker’s Bubble

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    Tree Thieves

    Steve Kemper
    | 7th August 2008
    The environmental disaster that put paid to China's intensive logging spawned an illegal trade in timber that risks global erosion. In their rush to feed the dragon, loggers on both sides of the law can't see the trees for the wood, says Steve Kemper

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    Let Our Children Roam Free

    Tim Gill
    | 23rd September 2005
    Fear of traffic risks and ‘stranger danger’ are holding our children captive indoors. For the sake of their health and development, and for the environment they will one day need to protect, we have to find ways of getting them into the wild.

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